Please don't make the same mistake as us!

Can we share a little secret?

When we returned from our honeymoon in 2017 we naively thought we would send thank yous to everyone over a couple weeks. "It won't take that long..." Boy were we wrong- it was tough on our hands & time consuming. The embarrassment got worse each week that went by without sending the cards!

Twelve months later we finished (OUCH)! We truly felt there had to be a better way to show our heartfelt thanks. Other couples said they had the problem... some deciding NOT to say thank you at all.

While writing them we discovered that we already had names, addresses and gifts on a spreadsheet... and realized that the messages were similar. BING... the light bulb went off! What if we turned the spreadsheet into thank you cards... and then you could personalize the messages!?! You'd save time, hand cramping, the social embarrassment and show your heartfelt thanks in a fraction of the time. It felt good and we were off to the races to solve this problem...

And this is what we did...

We wanted to help couples avoid the same problems we experienced. What started out as a thank you card solution for newlyweds (GratiCards) has now evolved into The Paper Pearl! Through The Paper Pearl bundles you'll get an address collecting tool, Save The Date card, Wedding Invitations, and Thank You Cards.

Our address tool will not only save you time from reaching out to everyone multiple times, it even allows your guests to contribute funds at the same time. No effort on your part. It'll save you money. Save you time and tons of hassle. Who else does that for you?

Our designs for Save The Dates and Wedding Invitations cover everything between trendy and classic looks. Want something else? Just request a personal design by providing images and a text description and we'll make your dreams come true.

And then when you return home from your honeymoon we'll do the heavy lifting for your thank you cards with our partnered site- GratiCards. Our simple 4 step process will help you finish them in a fraction of the time without losing that personal touch!

We're real people-
helping couples like you

What started out as Rebecca and Logan on August 5th, 2017 is now a family of 3. Our little bundle of joy, Olivia, blessed and changed our lives. What we have learned through our short married life is that each relationship makes a unique contribution to us individually and as a couple.

When trying to come up with a name for this brand, Rebecca had the idea of The Paper Pearl simply because she thought it was catchy-n-cute. Ironically the definition of a pearl is: a person or thing of great rarity and worth. BINGO! It hit us... the name- The Paper Pearl- isn't just a fun and cute name, it represents both who you are as a person and what each relationship means to you. You're unique. Your parents are. Each best friend. Mentors. Coaches. Leaders. Siblings. Etc... pearls are those special people who make us who we are.

Sending a card from The Paper Pearl represents how unique you and each of your relationships are. Just as Olivia is so special and unique to us... we know you have your own 'Olivias' in your lives too. Here's to highlighting you and your most meaningful relationships!

Congrats again on the biggest day of your life!

Cheers from the Rogers